Monday, 24 September 2007

The house did get tidied yesterday but I did not do all I was meant to. No progress on the tailor's dummy : ( we are finally getting our home just how we want it. It's been nearly two years in the making but the hard work is over!
Lounge yesterday and today
Kitchen yesterday and today So after all the housework we broke loose and made our escape to the Hastings seafood and wine festival. It was fabulous, just like a giant buffet. Needless to say I left the festival happy and a little potbellied after eating this lot (I did have help!) Local catch fish rolls, haddock cakes, caribbean style fish, no wine but some great coffee and a lavender shortcake for dessert. mmmm. Better get back to my list of tasks, first I have to pack, I'm going to Barcelona tomorrow for five days with Tamzin (my sister). horray we get to see our friend jo who lives there, loads of walking to burn off that belly, and a little retail therapy.


Cathy said...

Wow - you really did work hard. Sounds like you deserved your seafood! Hope you have a lovely time in Barcelona. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog - more pics coming soon!
Cathy X

b1brittany said...

Holy crap, your house is amazing. Especially your living room. WOWZA.
Keep up the good work with your blog. :D