Sunday, 23 September 2007

Found another collection of Emma Cassi's work at Sarah Kaye Representation. such unbelievably beautiful pictures! I want the whole world to be this beautiful : ) I find things displayed this way always look better if someone else has put them together. I wish I could see the things I create through the eyes of another person? It's weird to explain but odd that you can never see your own work through fresh uncritical eyes. Why is it easier to appreciate a strangers hard work than you own? Anyway enough rambling, lets get back to selling all our colourful paper backs and replacing them with battered, flaking old papers and delicate white spined books! This bedroom looks so feminine and tranquil. I love the subtle mixture of patterns and textures.
I actually have all the elements of this image at my disposal. My collection of vintage lace is a little out of control, and could do with pointing in the right direction. I also have a dressmakers dummy which is slowly getting covered with old sheet music. so today I will try to get these jobs done and hopefully post the results soon.


Cathy said...

The colours in the photos are so calming - not like the chaos of my house at all! I can't wait to see the tailor's dummy when it is finished. You have a very inspiring blog.
Cathy X

Lobster and swan said...

thanks for your comment. My house has been chaos too off and on for the last two years, will be posting the before and after soon.