Sunday, 30 September 2007

I'm back, already missing the sun and the narrow streets. But glad to have my own bed and be able to understand what's going on around me! Tamzin and I spent our five days staying with a friend in his apartment near the bourne in the old town of Barcelona.
A lot of walking and about four million stairs up, we reach the fifth floor apartment and are greeted by the feline welcome party, she becomes our friend for the week.
This is a glimpse of the "guest suite" beautiful old shutters and windows, balcony, original tiled floors. Our friend kept apologizing for its derelict state but all I saw was ancient charm and crumbling beauty.
Loved this chair. Nearly all the furnishings in the apartment were found out on the streets where they get left out in the evenings by people hoping someone will give them a new home. Its crazy what you find! Things which would cost a bomb in antique and retro shops here in England.
The kitchen, it was a little like camping, fun for us not so much if you have these basic amenities to work with everyday : ( One of the many mosaics from Parc Guell designed by Antonio Gaudí. Amazing and well worth the hike! The view from the top is amazing, a weird and magical place. Finally the purpose of my visit to this beautiful city, the baked goods! This bakery had the best display, piles of meringues, pastries, macaroons, chocolate curls. I wanted to buy them all.
Thanks Jo, for letting us live with you for the week. I had the best time. x

Monday, 24 September 2007

The house did get tidied yesterday but I did not do all I was meant to. No progress on the tailor's dummy : ( we are finally getting our home just how we want it. It's been nearly two years in the making but the hard work is over!
Lounge yesterday and today
Kitchen yesterday and today So after all the housework we broke loose and made our escape to the Hastings seafood and wine festival. It was fabulous, just like a giant buffet. Needless to say I left the festival happy and a little potbellied after eating this lot (I did have help!) Local catch fish rolls, haddock cakes, caribbean style fish, no wine but some great coffee and a lavender shortcake for dessert. mmmm. Better get back to my list of tasks, first I have to pack, I'm going to Barcelona tomorrow for five days with Tamzin (my sister). horray we get to see our friend jo who lives there, loads of walking to burn off that belly, and a little retail therapy.

Sunday, 23 September 2007

Found another collection of Emma Cassi's work at Sarah Kaye Representation. such unbelievably beautiful pictures! I want the whole world to be this beautiful : ) I find things displayed this way always look better if someone else has put them together. I wish I could see the things I create through the eyes of another person? It's weird to explain but odd that you can never see your own work through fresh uncritical eyes. Why is it easier to appreciate a strangers hard work than you own? Anyway enough rambling, lets get back to selling all our colourful paper backs and replacing them with battered, flaking old papers and delicate white spined books! This bedroom looks so feminine and tranquil. I love the subtle mixture of patterns and textures.
I actually have all the elements of this image at my disposal. My collection of vintage lace is a little out of control, and could do with pointing in the right direction. I also have a dressmakers dummy which is slowly getting covered with old sheet music. so today I will try to get these jobs done and hopefully post the results soon.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Labour and Wait is such a great shop selling all manner of household things! All in simple traditional finishes, wood, string, cotton, linen, its such a visual treat! I'm a sucker for the simplicity of everything they sell. I think it has to be one of my top ten. There is a real feel of nostalgia here and I just love it. Each product is beautiful AND useful. What more could you ask for? Its in Cheshire Street, situated in the top half of Brick lane, just below Bethnal Green Road in the East End of London. This is a sweet little street with loads of amazing shops all selling beautiful products and a few bargains! There is a street market here too at the weekends and so many people sometimes it can be a bit like a human traffic jam! But it is really worth the elbow battle to see some of these boutiques.
take a virtual tour here!

I also found this great link to Oldtown Oldtown the brilliant clothing designers/manufacturers. I first heard about this brand a couple of years ago in the World of Interiors magazine. I seem to remember the owners having an amazing interiors style, but it slipped my mind and luckily Labour and Wait led me back to them! Producing approximately fifty garments per week from its own workshop using British cottons, woollens and linens. The fabrics they use are just lovely and the cut of the clothes has a utilitarian chic feel.

hope you like these two sites as much as I do. Anyway I'm o so late for work now : ) so I'd better go!

Friday, 14 September 2007

The colours in these images from the Autumn-winter 07 range from saltwater a British clothing design label based in London and Cornwall, are getting me in the mood for darker evenings, leafy autumn walks and hot chocolate.
I like the mix of delicate fabrics and chunky socks with hardy boots and feminine accessories. It looks comfy, practical and very stylish.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

lavender and pearls

My little spoon has been a constant feature in my photos lately, I am fascinated just trying to capture the goldenness of it : ) I'm pleased with how the pearls compliment it.
Next a little shopping trip to a brilliant website packed with beautiful treats! I dare you to leave with only one item in your basket!

I love these cute little Lavender-filled drawer scenters. "Each one is different and is decorated with a Magpie's collection of tiny flowers and trinkets" From decorative country living, This website is packed with beautiful treats! "China, glass, candles, cushions, photograph frames - the sort of things you buy as a gift and end up keeping!" See for yourself here!

Monday, 10 September 2007


M I unplugged red s S


Not long till thursday : )

Cute, fun tip found over at Fred's.
Make your own here

Sunday, 9 September 2007


Just found this amazing link over at love forever for the found photo blog square america, run by Nicholas Orborn. Earlier this year Nicholas found a cosmetics case filled with photos at a flea market. Most of them were photo booth pictures and snapshots of one woman over about fifty years of her life. He organized them and put them up on the blog. All the changing styles and trends over her lifetime are documented, its wonderful! My favorites are the flamboyant vampy change when she reaches the late seventies!
Sunday best. I keep practicing taking photos and I'm slowly getting better! These are my recent favorites.

1. spoon 2, 2. filed, 3. bag, 4. post card, 5. ivory, 6. packaged, 7. fizz, 8. 24:08:07, 9. corner, 10. chair, 11. pin board, 12. berries, 13. cake stand, 14. brushes, 15. side table, 16. silk flowers, 17. Fabulous stationary contest, 18. 23:07:07, 19. at B's house, 20. shoes, 21. window, 22. bed, 23. lanterns, 24. vintage lace

Saturday, 8 September 2007

new at etsy

Saturday night, Dean is still away (boo hoo) But its okay I have a new friend. Ben & Jerry's chocolate fudge brownie LOW FAT frozen yoghurt. I'm not really a fan of low fat treats but this stuff is yummy! I think I can definitely quit the hard stuff with this as an alternative. Don't want to have to let out the seams in my wedding dress!

Took a little walk on my lunch break and got this spoon and cake stand in a second hand shop. I absolutely love that there is some tarnishing that makes a warm golden glow on the inside of the spoon, and the cake stand will be perfect for display if I do another craft fair.

Friday, 7 September 2007

Getting married. The hunt for wedding shoes

Yes I'm getting married next year!
Being a vintage girl at heart I want our wedding to have an old fashioned chic, feel. Most of what I need I already have, my dress, venue etc (more of that later). Lets get to the more pressing issues first!
One thing I don't have is shoes, my quest for starts here Toast. I would like a pair of shoes that can be worn for more than just one day, something with a vintage feel. I love things that look like they already have a story to tell.

I love these elegant flamenco-style silver shoes from Toast.

They also come in antique gold.

Then there are these, from Viva La Diva a little bit over the top but I'm kinda falling for the purple pair? Which is weird because I normally don't like purple?!

Now a little Piece of poetry from NET-A-PORTER to finish this post

Jimmy choo Damon slingbacks £585.00
Sapphire crepe de Chine peep-toe slingbacks with a 100mm heel.
Jimmy Choo shoes have a diamanté embellishment on front and ruching across arch.

If anyone has any footwear Ideas, feel free to comment.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

I just love the work of Anano she creates beautiful photographs and objects, small in stature and antique in style. Everything she creates is so elegant and delicate. I am in complete awe.

I first discovered her work in the Autumn 2006 edition of Cotton friend magazine. Its a visual meltdown!

I would love to be able to create images with this depth and detail.

Anano also has books available called "Petit a Petit" and "Recevoir chez Anano" I think they are available on, but I have not been able to order them yet!