Monday, 4 June 2007

They won't thank me for this but face to a name and all that! left to right Emma-li, Becky, Judith.

What a difference a day can make! I had a lovely sunday up early and sewing some blinds with a friend, then met some other friends for lunch and had a afternoon transformation session.( Handy that my friend Emma-li is a hairdresser) Becky went from being blond to brunette (v-scared) and I have been scalped again! I just love a drastic change. waking up this morning Not so confident, short hair has a habit of turning square whilst you sleep! Anyway have been reading one of my favorite blogs this morning and have left there feeling inspired so am going to get up, fix my hair and get creative. Got so much planned so I'm just gonna get and do it! All thats left is to wish judie good luck on her driving test xx

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