Sunday, 20 May 2007

The power of sight!

Went to brighton on saturday, finally got my long awaited spectacles. I eventually chose the 104th pair I tried on! only to find I'd left my prescription at home when I came to pay, typical of me. Its was so hard to choose because they all looked so weird, its my first pair! The sales assistant was really sweet and the pair I chose happened to be made locally by a brighton based company which I thought was cool. Anyway after the prescription balls up I should get them next week and I'll be able to see again. no more public snubbing as I pass by people that I know on the street, unawares of their presence in the evening half light!
After all the glasses baked goods needed to be consumed, and I just love this little bakery above its so girly and pink! Bring on the danish pastry!

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