Wednesday, 23 May 2007

mini tour of a working flower museum

I have wanted to look around this place for years and today I plucked up the courage to ask! It is a working flower museum which manufactures thousands of different varieties of flowers and leaves, they are used for theatrical sets for film, TV, theatre, weddings, the list goes on!

I was like a kid in here swooning in delight as I looked from case to case of beautiful hand stamped flowers and foliage, tiara's and garlands. These pics don't show the half of it! All the examples are so beautiful up close but an abundance of glass casings and bad lighting made it hard to take pictures, I hope you can get a good enough idea! I'm ready to move in!!

what's inside?

Velvet pansies.

lilly of the valley, tiny berries and satin petals. There are sample boards and swatches piled up everywhere in here it is amazing!

photo of the original flower makers.

berries and hops

Cabinet bursting with examples of berries, fruits, acorns and rose hips.

Holly berries and acorns

Violets and pansies in rich purples and lilacs

Up to 10'000 cutting tools and flower irons can be seen, this is the largest working set of tools of this kind in Europe!

Display of vintage wax flower bridal tiaras dating from 1920-1980. Some of these were worn by the brides of RAF airmen during the war.

Tiara components, crystals, flowers, wires, leaves and ribbons.


Anonymous said...

You will never know how delighted we are to see this. I belong to several flower making groups, and several of us have wanted to know more of this museum. Your pictures make me want to book a flight to England as soon as I can. If you ever go back to this wonderful place, I hope to see more pictures. Do you make flowers as well?

Lobster and swan said...

Hello, thanks for your interest in my post : )
This museum is so lovely, I don't make my own flowers so I'm always rummaging around in here when I need flowers or decorations for a project.

BOTT.BABE said...

what a lovely post...thankyou...have recently become fascinated with the cutting & embossing methods still in use at shirley leaf & petal co...would you know of any company that sells antique or reproductions of the smaller flower & cutting irons...thankyou again...BOTT.BABE

Claudia said...

THAT is the coolest place ever!

Cristina - madhatter wannabe said...

Thank you for this post. It looks so lovely and you're really lucky to live nearby!