Wednesday, 23 May 2007

mini tour of a working flower museum

I have wanted to look around this place for years and today I plucked up the courage to ask! It is a working flower museum which manufactures thousands of different varieties of flowers and leaves, they are used for theatrical sets for film, TV, theatre, weddings, the list goes on!

I was like a kid in here swooning in delight as I looked from case to case of beautiful hand stamped flowers and foliage, tiara's and garlands. These pics don't show the half of it! All the examples are so beautiful up close but an abundance of glass casings and bad lighting made it hard to take pictures, I hope you can get a good enough idea! I'm ready to move in!!

what's inside?

Velvet pansies.

lilly of the valley, tiny berries and satin petals. There are sample boards and swatches piled up everywhere in here it is amazing!

photo of the original flower makers.

berries and hops

Cabinet bursting with examples of berries, fruits, acorns and rose hips.

Holly berries and acorns

Violets and pansies in rich purples and lilacs

Up to 10'000 cutting tools and flower irons can be seen, this is the largest working set of tools of this kind in Europe!

Display of vintage wax flower bridal tiaras dating from 1920-1980. Some of these were worn by the brides of RAF airmen during the war.

Tiara components, crystals, flowers, wires, leaves and ribbons.

walk with me

Up early today and the sun was shining so I thought I'd take advantage of the weather and walk to the old town. Walk with me if you want!?

Such a nice journey in the early morning, I'm so grateful that two seconds out of town I have a view like this!

Love when the valley of houses and streets come into view, It's such a quaint little part of town, the atmosphere is really friendly. I feel like I'm on holiday each time I walk here! Full of nostalgia, tea shops, antiques dealers and galleries.

Under we go! this house has a footpath underneath which leads.....

to here!

I love passing this house, I just never know what I'm going to find when I turn the corner! Whoever lives here is enjoying one life long celebration, they always decorate the trees outside and today there is gingham bunting swaying in the breeze.

All amongst the leaves hang beads, paper birds, decorations, trinkets and streamers.

This is just one of ten tiny tea sets displayed on someone's window ledge. When I was little I used to rush ahead of my mum so I could stand and admire the tiny cups and saucers wishing they were mine!

couple more grand houses before I reach the shops.

shimizu amazing flower shop, more like art than a florists. just beautiful arrangements.

Made in Hastings shop selling handmade goods by local artists, always pretty and inspirational window displays.

Retro shop, selling cool furniture from 1950,60,70,80's I always crave something in their window!
Enough window shopping, I'm off to the working flower museum, but for now heres a couple more pretty houses from my journey home.

Very traditional english garden lovely rambling roses, chocolate box chic!

Last house and in the distance a glimpse of the east hill lift. still in use taking tired tourists up and dow the hill.

Sunday, 20 May 2007

The power of sight!

Went to brighton on saturday, finally got my long awaited spectacles. I eventually chose the 104th pair I tried on! only to find I'd left my prescription at home when I came to pay, typical of me. Its was so hard to choose because they all looked so weird, its my first pair! The sales assistant was really sweet and the pair I chose happened to be made locally by a brighton based company which I thought was cool. Anyway after the prescription balls up I should get them next week and I'll be able to see again. no more public snubbing as I pass by people that I know on the street, unawares of their presence in the evening half light!
After all the glasses baked goods needed to be consumed, and I just love this little bakery above its so girly and pink! Bring on the danish pastry!

Saturday, 12 May 2007

peek a boo

How cute is this little guy? Received him a couple of days ago from the small object Its just the sweetest shop! poor Dean rues the day he helped me gain access to the internet, now I don't even need to leave the house to shop!

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

some pictures of my two favorite babies! saw roxanne today and took loads of pics! hope you like them.
Also made my first sale on etsy! that wedding is geting closer!! sshhhh!

rose don't ya just love this hat!?




two too


Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Pretty coral colours

Here are a couple of glimpses of what I"m currently making. Looks good in these pics hope it looks as good when its finished!