Thursday, 15 March 2007

Getting the hang of it

I just don't know how people keep on top of their blogs! Its like a full time job. I am in awe of my favorite blog authors. Being quite a new computer convert ( I know its 2007!) I have had a crash course in the space of about four months. I only got my mac in january. It seems I have successfully avoided them for quite some time, But being the only crafty person in my group of friends is difficult to find inspiration and motivation, so when I discovered all these amazing people online I couldn't wait to make my own blog. I kept thinking I wouldn't be able to do it but I can and I have. So many things to be sorted out and linked together, trying to set up etsy and organize photos on flickr. I guess it gets easier and I'm lucky to have a 24 hour computer saviour in the form of my boyfriend to help me out whenever things get messy!

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Abby said...

Good luck with etsy! My store opens on Thursday, so I probably should be sewing or writing copy or something instead of reading blogs...but I'm not! Let us know when you get your stuff up - your corsage is lovely!


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