Thursday, 27 December 2007


Well, it's been ages since my last post. A bout of food poisoning amid my preparations for meeting up with family in Salisbury, threw me right off course. Apart from that little spanner in the works, I had a great time visiting with my mum, youngest sister and auntie. Then all the way back along the coast to Folkestone to spend christmas day with my inlaws. Luckily we enjoy being on the road! Feels strange to be out of the blogging world even for a few days so much to catch up on, but also nice to spend time with loved ones and really relax, any way I hope everyone had a splendid christmas wish you all a happy new year!

Monday, 17 December 2007

Night and Day

Spent the afternoon in Tunbridge Wells yesterday looking at engagement rings and searching for a new years eve outfit. No ring this time, still can't find THE one! Maybe I'm just too choosey? Having decided to get married together ages ago a ring wasn't top of our list but it's nearly 2008 and all sorts of stuff needs to be sorted out asap. Guess I'll know it when I see it : )
I did however, find a great little boutique selling Day Birger et Mikkelsen, in which I saw three dresses I loved. Just got to decide on one now!
Whilst over at theDay Birger et Mikkelsen site searching for inspiration I ventured into the interiors section and found these beautiful images. I love the basic black and white pallet mixed with the use of natural wood, vintage silver accessories, one accent colour and every so often a tiny bit of antique sparkle.
The new collection has a subtle ethnic feel about it without being "themed" This look would be easily achievable within any budget and could also be altered or updated easily in the future by just bringing in an alternative accent colour.

(all images from Day Birger et Mikkelsen)

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Rachel Ashwell interview on decor8

Frosty morning again and thanks to cathy over at pink green who reminded me I had them, I found my tiny christmas trees. I've nearly finished decorating the apartment for christmas, just need to make a few of these simple decorations in white paper to hang in the corners if the rooms and maybe over the kitchen table.
Also much to my joy and delight, I see over at decor8 Holly has an interview with Rachel Ashwell!! Horray its great to read and learn about what is ahead for Shabby Chic, as its been a while since Rachel's last book. It seems there is an online store in the pipe works too, so I can hopefully get some things for my home without crossing the Atlantic!

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Shabby christmas

Wishing I was in New York today, two of my friends have been there in the last month and it makes me jealous! Its just so christmasy there. When we go I always drag the boy to the Shabby Chic store at 83 Wooster St. I could spend a whole day in there soaking up inspiration from the beautiful interior and displays, happily spending too much money, wishing it was my own shop. I know he secretly loves being surrounded by faded chintz and all that girly stuff (poor man).
I am also extra upset about missing the traveling collection of restored vintage prom dresses that were to eventually be sold in the New York Shabby chic store. And if I lived alone the bed linen below would have to be mine. I won't inflict that on him tho! I am a lucky girl I pretty much have the apartment how I like and he never made me suffer any kind of bachelor style decor : )
I just keep him quiet with a big flat screen TV and the remote controls (which never leave his hands!)

(photos from shabby chic)

Saturday, 8 December 2007

Getting back on the horse

Nosing around the comments section over at wren handmade this evening I followed the trail of my fellow commenters and found these beautiful pictures by e.soule.
I have always admired the power of horses from afar, being quietly terrified of them since a childhood riding incident. Which ended in me abandoning my jodhpurs after just 2 seconds on horseback and leaving my granny very angry.
Anyway back to the photos, teetering on the edge of curbs or making their way through damp, dark streets, these itty bitty ponies seem much more amiable. There's a shop and a lovely blog too. Found this post of particular interest.

Friday, 7 December 2007

Now on etsy

A few people were inquiring about the tiny pinboard bunting I made for christmas, so I thought I'd say thanks for your interest and I have just listed my last five on etsy : )

Amy Jean Porter

A happy googling accident this morning. I found my self here, the intriguing home page of Amy Jean Porter. Crazy-cute-colourful and (some) down right loopy illustrations. check out the tiny horses say what series, the colours are so vivid.
The pictures here show the 508 drawings from the 2002 series-Birds of north America misquote hip hop and sometimes pause for reflection. They are fab drawings all with an unexpected twist.

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Cake is my life

Found these delicious photos by Steve Giralt on a very fruitful trip around the net via Love forever which led me to sweet paul. It seems that Steve often works with Paul, taking amazing pictures of the beautiful food he has styled for magazines and gourmet websites.
Its hard not to get tangled up here, I am trying to type whilst being so excited and inspired by all the pics and blog posts. I have never seen such beautiful food styling. Eat your heart out martha you've definitely been out shined!
The sweet paul blog is packed with imagery and ideas. Click here and scroll down to find delightful christmas candy ideas. This is another blog which will have to be visited on a regular basis. So happy right now. I have a friend who has just had an operation, so he may be receiving some baked gifts inspired by what I've seen today.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Oak leaves for a blonde

Saw an advert for this beautiful Oak leaf chandelier in the back of World of Interiors magazine, it's from Charles Saunders Antiques it looks so much like real leaves and makes such a change from crystals as a feature. I have really fallen in love with it, but at a cool £8,850.00 I think I may have to take a metal work class and build my own or keep my fingers crossed fro a windfall. I'll just admire it from afar for now.

Next up the beauty list are these two dresses from the new collection by Australian fashion designer Fleur Wood I love that you could layer them up with cardigans or sweaters and thick tights. Quite liking the models hair style and colour too, getting bored of being a brunette may have to start the harrowing journey back to being blond. Bring on the hair stripper!

Monday, 3 December 2007

If at first you don't succeed. . . .

Finding inspiration from outrageous embellishment today. Practicing more with photoshop even though my online support (Dean!) is absent. So I'm battling it out alone, making lucky mistakes and just generally trying all the tools out. Recycling my own images from my other blog record the day.

How comes no one makes the effort and dresses like this anymore : (
It all starts with a bit of embellishment and then you find you can't walk through your own doorways.

Saturday, 1 December 2007

Teeny tiny christmas bunting.

I did another craft fair today, I have to say I do not enjoy the selling side as much as I enjoy the creating and packaging side. I sold quite a few bits though so I am pleased and it was in a cosy hall too so no complaints from me, the pessimist winger! Also I had great company in my friend Barbara who bragged for me all day and fellow stall holders Alice and Naomi (safety in numbers!) There were some beautiful jewellery stalls and some very tasty home made biscuits doing the rounds! Inspired by the hole punch confetti used by Abigail Brown (who I wrote about earlier this week) I added some inside the boxes for the teeny pin board bunting I made, mixed with a little festive sparkle in the form of glitter of course! I have some of these left so yay for me I can keep one and hang it in my bedroom : )

Friday, 30 November 2007

Lula and Amelia.

Great new issues of Amelia's magazine and Lula magazine out now. Both have such interesting articles with beautiful photography and illustrations. This issue of Amelia's is all about contemporary Russia, inspiring music, fashion, photography and art.
Lula has a virgin suicides feel to it with Kirsten Dunst writing about her world and dreamy photography with a seventies fashion twist. Both are such lovely publications, hard to choose one so it'll just have to be both. Another dent in my finances caused by paper!

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Little iccle rabbit.

Morning! Seeing these in another great etsy post by Holly over at decor8 reminded me of the "tweeter's" (pictured below) made by Abigail Brown. Each matchbox tweeter is delivered to you hidden away in it's little nest consisting of a vintage matchbox (that once belonged to an old mans matchbox collection) Each one is totally unique. Made from recycled and vintage materials. Thats why alas, they are all sold out at the moment! But there are lots of new items in the shop that are just as adorable, such as the Little iccle rabbit pictured here with his friends : )

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Departure lounge

Sunday morning we were driving through Dungeness nature reserve and I managed to catch these birds preparing to migrate. I noticed a few smaller groups of birds gathering in the fields we passed, and when we got to this amazing flock I had to stop and try my best to capture them. the patterns they make while soaring and swooping are so serene. Its a bit shaky but I found them quite hard subjects for my first short film!

The sartorialist

I love the detail shots from the Sartorialist

Monday, 26 November 2007

Sarah Young and the Russion doll.

Been catching up with designsponge today, where I read about these gorgeous folk style fabric kits. Designed by Sarah young they are available as Bertha the Russian doll or Marmaduke the cat. The muted Autumn colours are lovely.

Whilst roaming around looking at all the spectacular things the multi talented sarah makes, I was particularly moved by the details on the dolls. I think mum, you'll love the charleston lady, and my favorite is the bird lady (below).
There is also the blog to read.

Saturday, 24 November 2007

I'm sleepy. Nearly finished Lost series 3. Only one episode to go : ( Having given up binge drinking long ago and not being a subscriber to sky, the Lost box set has been a great source of entertainment for us (being recluses that don't hit the pub at the weekend.)
So it seems I have no excuses left and I can feel the work room casting an accusing look at me form my safe and comfy seat on the sofa! My friend Mitch says I better get on with the stitching revolution, world domination won't wait forever! Here is a girl who doesn't let her sofa rule her life! Abigail of Gloaming designs always seems to come up with such cute ideas and different ways of reusing vintage things. My favorite's are the pastel blue and silver Symphony note plate and Alpine Sky Tea Time Gift Set. Eyes sore now, must sleep.

Friday, 23 November 2007


Loathed as I am to do this (because I want them all for myself!) Hanne from heaven and earth has added these beautiful vintage embroidery silk packs to her etsy shop. Its like a candy store for grown ups, Pale and frosty collages from the series One Year Collages, and of course these scrummy vintage threads. Packed in cellophane with a traditional paper and string tag they look good enough to eat!
Obviously I have already ordered some, how could I not!

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Emma cassi.

The new Emma cassi collection is available. For this collection Emma has a contemporary look, using beautiful photos of Japanese student, Eiko. It's nice to see this vintage lace jewellery in a modern setting, mixed with street fashion.
Whilst reading Emma's blog I also found this video! I love the room and the flashes of sequins, fairy lights, tiara and especially the black polka dot net dress. Tomoko sounds like a right bitch. But she looks great in a shining body stocking!

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Feeling snackish

Etsy is making me hungry. I am happy that so many people are all about the baked goods these days! There is so much great stuff to buy, and all my favorites are calorie free too! These two beautiful blue linocut prints above are from the new adventures of betty turbo. I love that they are printed on old recipe pages. This is where it all went nuts! too many, too cute, too pretty! Clockwise from top left felted mini muffin from detailsstore, Plush Pink Frosted Cupcake from cherylasmith, Vintage chenille, lavender filled cupcake pin cushion from crazycakes, and delightful decorated French gateaux tags from Bluebirdlane.
Last but not least this yummy coconut Cupcakes mixed media plaque from jennysbakeshop. All the works in Jenny's shop are lovely. I think my sister will have her kitchen done out with the complete range when she buy's a place! If you love the coconut then you'll love the blog and the lady she's so cool!

Sunday, 18 November 2007

wild weather

The weather has turned wild outside. Moody, dark at 3pm and the tree's are being striped bare by the wind. Great excuse to stay indoors catching up with all my favorite blogs. Over at {frolic!} my attention was drawn to the new Megan Park collection.
The clothes are so beautiful. I am especially excited about the gold Floral Tulle Wrap. It is so delicate and sheer, with antique looking embellishments. Something like this would be perfect to go with my wedding dress and these shoes.
I also like this messily swept up hair style. Might need some extensions to achieve this look by june, my hair seems to have stopped growing.
Next, visiting My folk lover I discovered Gibbous an amazing world of intricate stitching, where the girls and boys also like to wear their hair in messy updo's.
Hope your sunday has been as pretty as mine!

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Thank you

Thank you love, montmarte for my beautiful print which arrived earlier this week. Have been trying to post about it for a couple of days but blogger hates me : (

I have been reading Montmarte's Sketchbook for a while now and find it so inspiring. So when the writer announced that she had opened an etsy shop I popped over and snapped up my favorite of the two prints she had designed. It is three little raindrops gocco printed in black ink on strathmore paper. I think it has such a quiet and delicate beauty.

Another new source of inspiration is acejet170 a blog all about Type, print and everything. I share Richard"s (I hope that's right!) love of typography, vintage book jackets, packaging design and most of all maps! So continuing the theme I found a vintage 1970's underground map in a junk shop a while back, and having just unearthed it again (it gets like that round here!) Thought I'd share it. It features the underground lines in different black on white patterns instead of colours. Maybe I'll get it framed? Its such an iconic design.